Brand Marketing in 2014

As 2013 draws to a close, we are already focusing and thinking about empowering ways to serve our client’s brands in year ahead. How must brand marketing change in 2014 to reflect the

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Top 2013 Google searches revealed

​What are some of the things or people you Googled this year? Maybe newly released technology, or a certain twerk-tastic star? ​Well now you can find out what the rest of the world has typed

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Bringing 4K home in 2014

As we end a wonderful year, the prospect of  2014 and the promise of full 4K mastering and delivery is on our minds. LG's announcement of their ground-breaking 4K monitor, the 31-inch 31MU95

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The purpose of corporate branding

In our global commercial environment, market competition is fierce, and gaining a prominent position as well as the advantages that such a position will bring, becomes increasingly more

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Corporate Branding

We all know that corporate branding is a crucial aspect of modern marketing. Brand recognition and specifically the level of awareness consumers have for brands play a pivotal role in how successful

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Link Technologies

At LINK,  technology makes the difference The goal of corporate branding is to generate synergy between brand and consumer. Synergy used as the conduit, results in a powerful bond beyond Brand

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Many a Production Company applaud Instagram

To the delight of many a production company and innovative creatives,  Instagram for video – a competitor for Twitter's Vine that's capped at 15 seconds compared to Vine's six -- was officially

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Gurus Eye Internet Series Emmy Nominations as the Next Big Thing

As an award winning brand marketing agency, our creative teams at LINK are excited to finally see the emergence of groundbreaking Internet series as the possible front-runners in the upcoming Emmy

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New York Times In-House Brand Marketing Agency embraces the iPad

The New York Times Idea Lab, a 10-person brand marketing agency / creative think-tank inside the company that partly applies editorial innovations to new online ad products, is introducing new

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  As a forward thinking brand marketing agency, each day at LINK we set out to change the world. It sounds crazy, but it's true. In fact, our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients to

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