Link Technologies

At LINK,  technology makes the difference

The goal of corporate branding is to generate synergy between brand and consumer. Synergy used as the conduit, results in a powerful bond beyond Brand commerciality.

Synergy a two-way link between brand and consumer encourages connections in new and value providing ways. When Brand and consumer connect, linked together by more than the obvious commercial interest the result can be magical. Link Technology is more than a word to us. It is our unique methodology and approach towards an effective relationship between client and agency. LINK is fluent in current and emerging media, we get it.

Times have changed

Established and traditional practices governing client – agency communications and interactions are hopelessly outdated and are hindering, even preventing the flow of creativity. LINK has changed that. We have stripped away all the unnecessary layers which so often are the culprits for delay and misinterpretation between client and agency. Our Link Technology concept played a key role in achieving that.

We have listened to our clients and we know how they envisage the relationship between brand marketing agency and themselves to work. Link Technology translates that into brand experiences cementing lasting bonds with consumers. Bonds built on perceptible values that consumers respect and will embrace as their own.

New and global Brands

We are not just involved in creating brands from their inception. We are often asked to take already well established and globally recognized Brands to the next level. Great Brand awareness is created by not only looking at the present and the future, but also in incorporating the past, and the history. That is what we do. That is what we are known for. That is why LINK is recognized globally for its unique approach to branding. We deliver lasting, authentic and “ownable” bonds between brand and consumer.


We also know that clients are often unhappy with FEE structures of traditional marketing firms. That is why LINK budgets have no hidden fees and upcharges often part of “Big Agency” culture. Link takes the mystery out of the bottom line. LINK gives you clarity and is totally transparent.

At LINK we say what we do and than do what we say, in short we “underpromise” and “overdeliver”

Link has two great geographical locations making it easy for our clients

LINK keeps our creative and production arms right here in our Creativity Center on the West Coast and our East Coast Production Office, working holistically to avoid toxic results that the “telephone” effect of traditional agency outsourcing can create.


LINK can do it – in fact we are already doing it

We are proud of our creative partnership with brands that do good things for our planet and humanity. We invite you to become part of the ever growing number of national and international organizations and companies who trust LINK to enhance, develop and maintain their most valuable asset; their BRAND

Our innovative Link technology approach will make it happen for you too. Talk to us.



    Production Center
    411 Lafayette Street
    6th Floor
    New York, NY 10003

    The Creativity Center
    7308 Bolero Street
    Carlsbad, CA 92009

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