Corporate Branding

We all know that corporate branding is a crucial aspect of modern marketing. Brand recognition and specifically the level of awareness consumers have for brands play a pivotal role in how successful that relationship translates into sales and market share.

Customers globally have aligned much of their purchasing and shopping behavior with recognizable brands. Companies have become very much aware of the need to develop strong links with their audience rather than just “advertise” to them.

Brands need to move away from marketing and advertising strategies, where the product or service is the central focus. From being the “product seller” they must became the “story teller”. The underlying concept is one of community building where a feeling of “belonging”, is created using the powerful group identity syndrome as a catalyst.

Successful corporate branding is achieved through “link technology”

Traditional concepts have become ineffective. Now it is about building and creating links with audiences, using synergy between consumers and brand. Effective corporate branding is achieved through “story telling” not “selling”

In order to not only maintain existing market share but to further develop and increase it, companies have to captivate the niches of their markets. There is no doubt that the “community” building approach when focused on a theme or issue close to peoples lives and hearts, and providing it is delivered with integrity and honesty can achieve a feeling of unification which traditional advertising could never create. Brand loyalty now develops naturally as consumers recognize what a brand stands for. Customers become part of the story and part of the community sharing a common goal or vision.

Consumers who can share the story and philosophy of a brand are less likely to cross over to competitor’s products. The determining factor, if or not that can be achieved depends a great deal on the credibility of the story, and if that story strikes a cord.

The stakes have never been higher. There has never been so much to gain or to loose. However we look at it, there are exiting times ahead. What we do know is that the consumer from now on is playing a much more active role than ever before.

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